U.S. Canola and Other Food Oils

When Sunora Foods started selling canola oil in the United States over twenty years ago, many people had no idea what it was. Some of our current competitors did not even consider it worth handling. Today, canola oil has a household penetration in excess of 40% of all U.S. households; and few major food oil companies do not offer some form of canola oil.

The popularity of canola oil is not undeserved. Of all readily available food oils, canola oil is lowest in saturated fat, highest in omega-three fatty acids and second only to olive oil in monounsaturates. Canola oil has received a “Product Acceptance Award” from the American College of Nutrition and a “Health Product of the Year Award” from the American Health Foundation. These are the facts, and they are hard to refute.

A very important thing to bear in mind is that “canola” is an acronym for Canadian oil, and North American canola oil comes almost entirely from canola plants grown in Western Canada. If you really appreciate fine canola oil, you should consider our “Sunera” or “LifePlus” brands of canola oil, “produced and bottled” in Canada. We know canola better because it grows in our back yard, and we can consistently assure its quality and freshness.

Sunora Foods offers a full range of popular pack sizes, including 16 oz, 32 oz, 48 oz, 64 oz, 101.7 oz (3L) and gallon. If your particular grocery store does not currently offer a choice of our canola oil, you may want to discuss this with the store manager. No doubt, he will do everything possible to satisfy you and get you the best possible canola oil for your money—“Sunera” or “LifePlus.”

Our Sunera Canola & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend has also grown increasingly popular over the years. Sunera Canola & Extra Virgin Olive Oil is tastefully blended for Mediterranean style cuisine. It is made from the finest canola oil and remarkably fine olive oil. It has essentially the same taste and smell as a pure olive oil, but is more versatile for cooking.

Canola is an oilseed crop which, in North America, is grown primarily in regions of Western Canada.

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While Sunora has mostly traded bulk soybean oil, in everything from drums to railcars, we have also frequently packed off some of our soybean oil.

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Sunora brands of corn oil include Sunya, Sunera, Sunora and various private labels.

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Sunora Foods offers Organic & Expeller oils, Olive oils and Olive oil blends.

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