Food Service Products

Sunora Foods has been selling its canola-based food service products for over twenty years and was one of the first firms to offer food service canola oil to the United States. With the support of warehouses in both Canada and the United States, we are well prepared to support both the largest and the smallest food service customers. Our level of service to our food service customers is second to none. Our experience also suggests that a lot of our customers’ customers, and possibly yours, prefer their food prepared with our canola oil.

Sunora’s general purpose canola oil is available in both 35 LB and 16L Jug-in-Boxes. With or without an anti-foaming agent, our 35 LB Sunera Canadian Canola Oil and 16L Sunora Canadian Canola Oil provide the optimum in terms of canola’s nutritional benefits. They are low in saturated fat, high in omega threes, and relatively high in monounsaturates; and they are definitely non-hydrogenated, with no trans fats. Their versatility also makes them the ideal choice for general purpose cooking, baking and frying.

For deep frying applications, Sunora Foods strongly recommends its 35 LB Sunera Clear Fry Canola Oil and its 35 LB Sunera Hi-Oleic Canola Frying Oil. These products are non-hydrogenated, with no transfats, and still are well-suited to deep frying. Our Sunera Clear Fry Canola Oil is lower in cost and widely popular in restaurants and stores across North America. Our Sunera Hi-Oleic Canola Frying Oil, while somewhat more expensive, lasts even longer and provides remarkable performance.

Other Sunora food service offerings include our 36 x 1 LB blocks of Sunera Canola Margarine, our butter flavor canola pan fry, our Sunera Extra Virgin Olive/Canola Oil Blends in 6 x 3L and 35 LB pack sizes, and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 6 x 3L and 35 LB pack sizes.

If you are considering canola oil for your restaurant or institution, you would be well-advised to contact Sunora Foods and/or ask your distributor for canola oil from Sunora Foods. Your food service distributor should already have our canola oil; if not, you need to see that he has it for you. This will assure you of getting the best quality canola oil at the best possible price.

Canola is an oilseed crop which, in North America, is grown primarily in regions of Western Canada.

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While Sunora has mostly traded bulk soybean oil, in everything from drums to railcars, we have also frequently packed off some of our soybean oil.

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Sunora brands of corn oil include Sunya, Sunera, Sunora and various private labels.

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Sunora Foods offers Organic & Expeller oils, Olive oils and Olive oil blends.

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